The eye is our most important sense organ handling around 80% of all incoming information. Therefore, it can be dramatic when vision deteriorates. Many eye diseases are well treatable if they are detected at an early stage. Consequently, regular eye examinations are important at every age – not only for small children but also for elderly people. That way you can maintain good vision and thus a high quality of life.

I look forward to taking care of your eyes,

Dr. Christina Leydolt

Your ophthalmologist – at every stage of your life

Whether you have problems with screen work, are aiming for a life without glasses or simply want to come to the annual check-up - I am there for you and your eyes in every situation.

Good vision – until old age

Eye diseases can blur your vision as you age. The most common cause of this is cataract. As a specialist in cataracts and lens surgery, I would be happy to help you see clearly again.