As a private doctor, I have no contract with health insurance companies.

This means that you first pay the invoice and then submit it to your health insurance company. You will be reimbursed up to 80% of the health insurance tariff for a doctor’s visit (if no ophthalmological health insurance service has been used in the respective quarter).

For the remaining “deductible” you may enjoy benefits such as:

  • more time for your personal requests
  • short waiting times
  • individual care and
  • more detailed consultation

The deductible can also be claimed for tax purposes.

Those who have a private insurance or an additional insurance ‘Zusatzversicherung’ can also submit the invoice to their insurance health insurance.


A routine eye exam usually costs € 150.-. Should one or more special examinations or a special diagnostic be necessary, additional costs may be incurred. I try to a keep the pricing fair and transparent.

You can pay the invoice after the consultation in cash or online by bank transfer.